Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 34 - dessert doesn't count if broken in pieces, right?

I ate horribly today.  Gotta admit it and move on.  A ring ding.  Half a raspberry rugalach (half b/c I'm eating wisely, of course.  duh.)  An inch sq. of coffee cake.  1/4 slice of banana bread.  A butter cookie.  (A whole one b/c I figured by that point "eh, who the hell am I kidding?")

Yes, I dipped into everything that was presented to me today.  Some at home, some at my friends' house, all gathered around the table full of snacks...which I should NOT have been sitting at!!  Ugh.

My points aren't excessive today, despite all this, because my migraine got so bad this evening that I was too nauseous to eat any dinner.

Today I ate 27 pts
Exercise:  The Crunch Step & Sweat, and Firm 5 Day Abs
TOTAL: 22 pts


One more day til weekly weigh in.  Am I still under 150?  I have 8 flex points left still.  According to WW, I should lose weight this week.  But too many of those points were crappy points.  Let's see now what that means to my progress.

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  1. We've all been there... just need to get your head back in the game and figure out how you'll make tomorrow AWESOME!!

    And I hope you start feeling better... migraines will take any one of us out of our game.

    Keep going, don't forget how far you've come so far!