Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 36

I compared my end of week stats (points consumed vs/ activity points burned), and it's almost identical to the previous week's, when I lost a pound.  I'm psyched to get on the scale tomorrow morning!

Today I ate 29.5 excellent pts.  All healthy choices, and regular sugar in my 2 coffees rather than Splenda.    (adds points, but they're worth it.)  As much I like WW general good-old-fashioned approach to sustainable weight loss, I really don't like their tendency to advocate all kinds of artificial foods and low-point junk food concoctions.   Their reference book for food point values is brimming over with cakes/candies/frozen meals, etc.  Meanwhile I had a hell of a time finding out how many points might be in fresh-made minestrone soup.  Shouldn't food like that be taking up more space in a Weight Watcher food guide book? Frozen appetizers of deep fried mozzerella sticks are in there.  But not a basic homemade minestrone soup with some noted variations in ingredients.  Stupid.

Ate 29.5 pts
Exercise:  Crunch Step & Sweat w/ 8" step; Firm 5 Day Abs  (-5 pts)
TOTAL:  24.5 pts  (incl. 3 flex points for the new week.)

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