Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Typical things that happen when I start feeling like I'm succeeding:

1. I get very motivated to keep it up.

2.  I get so happy with my little bit of progress that I stop feeling the same drive to give it my all.

3.  I look for new, better ways to eat well and get a thorough workout.

4.  I daydream about Chinese take-out and tell myself "I can do that now.  I've got the weight under control."

5.  I cyber shop for pretty bikinis.

6.  I purchase new clothes I shouldn't be trying to afford.

7.  I annoy the crap out of my mom by changing around things she wants to feed me and trying to use healthier options (like leaving dressing off my salad, having whole grain breads or sandwich flats rather than white bread/rolls, requesting she not use much salt while cooking...obnoxious stuff like that.)  

8.  I annoy the crap out of my 14 yr old daughter by suggesting healthy snacks all the time and pointing out what's wrong with the garbage she wants to eat.  She averages about 30 eyerolls per day over my diet related comments.

9.  I do a LOT more laundry to keep up with the stuff I get sweaty when working out.

10.  I feel freakin' amazing when I go grocery shopping to restock my healthy foods.  Can't quite explain the feeling, but I bet most of you know exactly what I mean.  

11.  I feel like my workout DVD instructors are close, personal friends and I often reply to them when they say stuff like "are you ready for this?" or "you can do this!" 

So - today I did Tae Bo - an hour.  Turns out it's not much less of a calorie burner than Insanity is, I suppose because of the bursts and rests in Insanity.  (Insanity - 500/1 hour.  Tae Bo - 466/1 hour.)  Of course, part of the reason also has to be that I can't do Insanity straight through without having to stop and rest or catch my breath a heck of a lot more often than the mutant athlete freaks in the DVD.  I have to wonder if they're just realllllllly well made claymation.

Shaun T and the Insanity elves, doing 45 of these jumps in 45 seconds, sandwiched in between 45 second sets of other INSANE moves like "suicide drills" and "jumping jack push ups" . It just isn't human.
However, Shaun T does become human again when he starts  giving me pep talks to reply to.

I bet my calorie burn will go up with Insanity as my endurance improves.  I'm great w/ Tae Bo though, since I've been doing it pretty regularly for 13 yrs.  

My motivation for the day:

I think maybe my figure will be like the chick
on the left once I liberate it from the flab.

Your Daily Summary

GoalFoodExercise= Net
12101278- 466  812

I can't possibly eat another 400 calories today.  My brain wants to, but my belly just doesn't want it.  I've eaten well!  3 main meals, 1 mid afternoon snack, one post workout snack.  I'm NOT hungry!


  1. LOL! I love your comment about the "freaks" in Insanity... I always thought that too!

    And I'm on the same boat as you about how I feel when I start to see results. It can go from being super motivated to going to complete slacking mode. I'm hoping this time it'll be the motivated route. =)

  2. #10 & #11 - Totally! Hahaha, mutant athletes, yes! I love your motivational pics!
    Can totally relate to the whole calories for exercise compensation - sometimes I just can't eat when I'm full, and why should I? OK, if I'm starving I'll eat, but if I'm ok on energy level, then I will not eat just for eating sake.

  3. I can really relate to the "eating another 400 calories" problem. When i'm trying to build muscle it seems as though eating becomes a full time job! LOL thanks for the follow - following back!

  4. I can relate to a number of things on that list! :)

    I've never seen any of the Insanity workouts but have heard about them!