Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 47: 3/4 inch gone from my waist!

I've lost 3/4 inch from my waist.  :)  I didn't think I should bother checking until I'd lost more weight, but apparently the scale isn't where it's all at.  These little successes are incredibly motivating!!  I took my daughter out for dinner tonight and ordered from the "heart healthy" low calorie/low fat section of the menu - a chicken sandwich.  Stupid restaurant only had white bread though. (Clueless?)   I was dying for a cheeseburger and french fries, but my daughter helped me stay on track, reminding me how I'd regret it later - esp since I have a b'day party to go to tomorrow, and I need to save some flex points to play it safe there.  I told myself to just stop thinking about it, and just force my mouth to order the healthier dinner  I find myself doing that often when  I'm doing well -  I will myself to just order the right thing, even though I'm dying to - and on the verge of - ordering the thing I really want but will regret later.  It's a great disciplinary exercise.  I must be becoming a stronger person from this, aside from the physical benefits.  I LIKE THAT!!

Yesterday I ate 26 pts
No exercise

Today I ate 32.5 pts
Exercise:  Insanity Maximum Cardio Blast (-4 pts)
TOTAL: 28.5 pts  (w/ 7 flex pts)

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  1. LOVE this post! Measurements are WAY better than just going by the scale... as you can see, the scale doesn't account for muscle gain/fat loss.

    Keep it up!!

    And thank you for the super sweet comment on my post yesterday. Your blog has been an inspiration to me so glad I could return the favor to you. =)