Friday, March 9, 2012

Put the pizza down and walk away!

I ate so well all day, but picked up pizza for for dinner for me, my parents and my daughter.  Ordered a whole wheat w/ garlic and eggplant.  They messed up and it wasn't whole wheat.  I ate 2 pcs and was happy.  Slightly over my points, but my workout would take care of that.  Sat there thinking of a 3rd piece...spent a good 4-5 min debating it and *should have* just gotten up and left the table, rather than sitting there looking at the dried fried hot peppers topping that make the pizza so much better than great.  And I thought of my flex points.  And I thought of my workouts.  And I thought of my motivational pics.  And I thought of the eggplant and cheese.  And I thought of my waist, and the scale, and my cute bikini awaiting summertime....  I had decided NO, and I was telling myself I chose wisely and should leave the room now.  But no - I took a 3rd piece.  It was a small one, but's pizzeria pizza.  Just not a good choice.

So now I'm doing the Insanity workout this evening.  By far my hardest workout.  I actually freakin hate it.  BUT, I do really love that exhausted, totally worn out feeling when I'm done.  That's pretty great, I must say.  Tae Bo comes sorta close - like a little more than halfway there.

So - today I ate 36 pts
Exercise:  Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit (-5 pts)
TOTAL:  31 pts  (9 flex pts)
(I wonder if perhaps I'm over-estimating my workouts.  I've been considering Tae Bo high intensity, but it's not compared to Insanity.  So if Insanity is High Intensity, 40 min, 150 lbs - that's 5 pts.
Tae Bo is 15 min longer, but not as intense - 55 min high intensity, 7 pts.  No way can Insanity be burning less than Tae Bo, even if it is shorter.  No way.

I'm taking all my workouts down a point.  It can't hurt to underestimate them, and I have to leave room in the intensity scale for this insane Insanity stuff.  :)  The worst that can happen, if I'm wrong but follow this anyway, is I'll lose more fat.  Not a bad deal.


  1. Would it help if your motivation wasn't just about you? If you could, somehow, decide when you really want something, and feel like you've earned it or deserve it, that instead you will avoid it and offer it up for a friend or loved one? (Not anyone specific, mind you. ;P )

    Then it's a win-win. You get two big achievements out of it!

  2. Goooooood point. I tend to separate spiritual growth with physical growth (or un-growth...loss....shrinkage...whatever you wanna call it. ha!) Honestly, the physical goals seem so petty and potentially vain compared to the spiritual journey.

    But I want to look firm and toned, darnit!!!