Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 43 - I'm sorta enjoying this!

I found some bread - finally - that fits the CLEAN EATING category.  Check this out!
Ingredients: Stone ground whole wheat flour, water, yeast & salt.

I made homemade tomato soup w/ basil & garlic, and baked up some "grilled" cheese w/ reduced fat cheddar, part skim mozzerella and a sprinkle of shredded parmesan on 1 slice of this bread, halved.  I also baked up/toasted some croutons from this bread to throw on top of the soup.  It was divine!!  I love getting psyched for a meal and feeling so great afterwards - my belly and my mind, all while staying on track.  Talk about feeling in control!  

Today I consumed 32 pts - most very healthy, except those 3 big bites of crappy carrot cake.  (It was crappy - from a box mix. Soooo not worth the bites.)  
Exercise:  Tae Bo, Firm Abs and 50-ish butt crunches w/ 10lb dumbell on my hips.  (-6 pts)
TOTAL: 26 pts  (w/ 4 flex pts)

Motivation pic - THANK YOU to the faceless chick who 1st posted this online.  You clearly rock!

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