Monday, January 21, 2013

Eh, well... I guess I'll be back in 9 months

A couple of days after resolving to get back on track and lose the flab I've been putting on since my wedding, I found out that I'm pregnant.  I'm just finishing up a few weeks of being crazy-tired and I've now progressed to daily nausea.  FUN!  I also had some alarming spotting this past week which has me paranoid about exerting myself now, until I get a Dr's OK.  Of course, working out while feeling lethargic and/or close to puking won't be much fun either.  >sigh<

PlumPetals - you keep motivating me via your blog to get back into a good routine we soon as I'm able, OK?  And after September, I am going BERSERK to make up for lost time.  I really hope some of my workout cyber-buddies will still be around and sharing their ideas and motivation then.

And now...I will just expand for awhile...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Been gone awhile. Got married, been happy, getting flabby

Oh, it is so time to get back ON it!  I achieved my goals last summer and felt great, but then the chaos of wedding planning, the move into a new home, the new routine, the fact that my usual late night workouts which I'd stuck with for over a decade are no longer convenient or "marriage-friendly", AND the fact that my new TV won't hook up to my old DVD/VHS player with all my usual workouts, all have made it a challenge to get any workouts in.  I'm so content with life lately that I haven't felt any big drive to make a difference and get into a new exercise routine. But I MISS IT.  I really do miss the feeling of finishing an exhausting workout.  I feel like me then - like I'm tapping into something in my core that I haven't tapped into in a long time now, and I miss that part of me.  I've worked out twice since October - once to an old VHS tape without sound, and once by putting my DVD into my computer.  I've gone from working out 6 days a week to once a month. I can't become this.  I have to change it now before this becomes my new routine.  The weight has been creeping back up on me and I see flab where I was seeing muscle tone in the summer.  I'm eating the same, but without the workouts, I can't maintain what I'd achieved.

I started up at myfitnesspal again today, and I'll weigh myself tomorrow morning.  That will be cringe-inducing, I'm sure!  My loose jeans from summer are fitting well now.  My perfectly fitted pants are all getting tight now.  I'm muffin topping over my favorite jeans as I type this.  Not good.  I want to look my best for my new husband.  I want him to get used to living with me with all my good habits - even if that means he has to read in bed for awhile while I workout in our living room at night.  He gets his workout in everyday away from home, and I admire that.  I don't want to be the lazy spouse!

So I'm on it.  1st goal is to stick to MyFitnessPal for 2 weeks no matter how much it pains me to see the consumed calories compared to the burned off ones.  That will be my incentive to workout without excuse each night - whatever the workout may be, and to limit the bad foods that make the workout all the more necessary.

Ah - it just feels good to post here again.  I'm already on it, this means.  >whew<  about time.