Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 40 - Fitness Therapy

I bought some new workout clothes (since all of mine are around 10 yrs old) and some 10 lb dumbells (so I can stop holding 2 dumbells at a time, which isn't comfortable).  I can't say I was happy watching myself change into spandex in the dressing room mirror, but it was certainly great incentive to get rid of this ugly flab.  So motivational, in fact, that I'm on my way to walk a very long stairway at the foot of a mtn trail in the next town over.  Maybe twice.

I'm very, VERY frustrated about a few other big things in my life lately too, and as has been the case for me in the past, I've had my short lived pity-party which I'm starting to snap out of now to focus on fitness.  Exercising, seeing my stamina and muscle tone improve, and realizing just how in control of it I really am - I need that.  It's very therapeutic.  I can't change anyone else in my life except for myself.  I don't really have much control over the course of events in my life either,  and I leave that in God's hands.  But I am in control of my physical state.  I need to run with that, or I'm gonna sink with the rest.

Evening update:
Consumed 22 pts (20 excellent, healthy, CLEAN pts, plus 2 pts worth of white wine!)
Exercise:  FIVE trips up and down the mtn trail stairway.  (20-25 min, but only half that time was climbing - I'm guessing it burned 2 pts.
TOTAL: 20 pts

It was a GREAT workout, though I had to stop to meet my friend before I felt spent.  I think 10-12 climbs/descents would be perfect!  I plan to do it more often as the weather keeps improving this Spring.  When it gets too easy to keep repeating, I'll put dumbbells in a backback and climb that way.
Here's the stairway:

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  1. That looks like some workout!

    And I'm loving what you said about how your changing body (physically and it's capabilities) is like your therapy. It most definitely is so keep it up!!