Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 50 - I feel awesome!

I'm looking up healthy, lite, clean-eating recipes and planning my menus.  Can't wait for next week's weigh in and a whole new month after that to keep making progress before May.  I just feel awesome!!
Weird how I just decided one day to do this, and am doing it.  Those half-hearted attempts to tone up/slim down before - I didn't know I'd succeed, so I didn't.  This time, something just clicked, and I've decided I'm doing it.  And that's what it takes.

Today I ate almost exclusively clean foods, except for one evening snack (a Fiber 1 brownie).  
Ate 31 pts
Exercise: The Firm Total Sculpt, Firm 5 Day Abs (-4 pts)
TOTAL: 27 pts  (w/ 5 flex pts)

I made some brown basmati rice w/ my grilled veggies and chicken tonight, and I didn't check the nutrition label ahead of time.  My Weight Watchers points value book lists brown rice as 4 pts for 1 C.  I had 3/4 C.  Later on I decided to double check the points and discovered it was a full 9 pts worth of rice I ate!  Ack!!!  Won't be doing that again.  1/4 C, max. (I have leftovers to use w/ black beans tomorrow, and some grilled veggies leftover too, which it would be nice to eat over rice for another meal.)

Skinny.  Yuck.  
Today I'm posting a motivational pic for healthy eating.  I don't ever use the word "skinny" in a positive way.  To me, this looks pitifully out of control.


  1. Wow! The pic of Angie does not make me think of health, vitality and fitness. It makes me think of frailty. Agreed on the word skinny. I don't think it's a positive word either!

  2. Emaciated is more like it. Look at her cheeks!