Monday, March 26, 2012

Well, I got that under-eating issue thoroughly taken care of!

I went out for lunch and was in the mood for something junk-y.  Honey BBQ chicken strips (with fries, because - well, why not?) sounded like it would do the trick.  My last couple days of under-eating sure didn't work to convince me not to do it.  I did glance at the salads on the menu, but at that restaurant, their salads are pitiful.  Iceberg lettuce, a bit of shredded carrots and 2-3 cherry tomatoes..and croutons, of course, because someone somewhere was thinking "y'know what this salad really needs?  some kind of bread!"   Really - pitiful.  So salad wasn't an option.  Last time I ate here, I calculated nutrition afterwards from the restaurant's website and realized even the healthy menu selections were crazy high in calories.  So why not just enjoy a full out junk food treat?

...and then get ice cream too.

1,284 calories just on lunch today.  >WHEW<  Imagine if I went out to eat a few times a week?  Bad, bad, bad idea!!

I then bought my HRM at the sporting goods store.  I got a Polar FT4.   I have no idea what F T or 4 stand for, but it sounds serious and high tech, and I may very well burn more calories just due to the fact that I feel so officially monitored.  Yep!  Never mind the fact that I got a pink one.  (Annie, I thought of you and chuckled...Some of us LIKE pink a lot. ;)  )  Pink can be a very serious and strong color.  Heck - I'll MAKE it so!!

So now I'm about to take this thing out of the package.  If only I could use it WHILE trying to open this moronically designed packaging, because I bet I'd burn a couple hundred cal's in the process.   Hopefully it's simple to get started with and I can jump right into tonight's Insanity workout without having to fidget with this thing much.  I am 804 calories over my daily amount today, so I need a great workout!  And tomorrow morning is my weekly weigh in.  I hit the 140's 2 weeks ago, and brought it down to 148.6 last week.  This week has been EXCELLENT and I am giddy with excitement to see what the scale says tomorrow!!  I do wish I didn't care so much, and that my NSV's were outshining the scale progress, but I can't help but feel elated when I see #'s on the scale giving me something concrete to confirm that my efforts are paying off.  When I think of hitting 144 - a weight I was for a long time when I think I looked really good - I feel sorta the way I did those early months with my boyfriend, when a thought/realization just makes my heart feel like it's suddenly soaring.  Yeah - THAT good!!!!  I'm so close!!!  I WANT IT!!!!!

Suddenly really regretting that stupid honey BBQ chicken strip blunder.  >sigh<  Oh well.

Will update after Insanity and breaking in this kickass yet adorable pink HRM.

Motivation  pic for the day:
THIS is the abs I want.  And legs.  And arms. She can keep the shoelaces though.
Holy cow - I just had to come back and edit my caloric intake for yesterday because I totally forgot that ice cream sundae I had after lunch.  That's a LOT of calories to overlook.  Thankfully, I had a fabulous weigh in this morning, so I'm not regretting or worried about that enormous lunch now.  I guess I earned it.

Your Daily Goal1,7102345663
*You've earned 500 extra calories from exercise today

Insanity Max Interval Plyo:  My new HRM indicated I burned EXACTLY 500 cals 

at the end. I was tempted to do a few jacks just to make the number look more 
exact and not like I rounded it off.

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  1. Hahahaha, that was hilarious, opening the HRM & burning calories! Great job with exercise!