Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Here we go, starting a day early because I'm eager and motivated:

I'm allotted 22 pts per day, and 35 bonus "flex" points per week above and beyond that.

Today: ate 27 pts
Workout: Advanced Tae Bo (up til floorwork at end) and The Firm 5 Day Abs (-5 pts)
Total: 22 pts

Motivational pic to get started here:

February Project

I'm 39.  I've never been skinny and never been fat.  I've never gone below a size 6 or over a size 8 in my adult life.  (Other than pregnancy-related.)  I'm 5'5".  My weight for the past 20 yrs has very slowly risen from 138 to 148.  I'm curvy and have thick legs and a round butt, so 120-something lbs just doesn't work for me.  I think I look and feel best at around 142.  My issue lately is I can't keep my belly flat anymore, and my usually small waist is now starting to muffin top over my pants.  My weight has gone up and stayed over 150 (as high as 157) for a few months now.  I have dimply cellulite on the back of my thighs, on my butt and now starting to appear on my lower abs.  It jiggles when I walk and does scary things when I jump, like its a separate entity, moving in its own direction.  It's thoroughly unattractive.

I workout regularly, about 4 times a week, sometimes more, sometimes less.  Always have.  I eat whatever I like, in moderation, though I limit it more when I notice I'm starting to get flabby.  This routine isn't working for me anymore though.  I'm not sure I can make a new habit of working out more often or harder than I have been.  I don't think I'd enjoy working out as much anymore if I got too nuts about it.  So the thing that has to change is either my eating habits...or my appreciation of flab. (Yes, that was joke.)  I'm using Weight Watchers points plus system to get my eating habits under control.  I'm not skipping any workouts - 6 days a week.  This is my February project.  I intend to lose 10 lbs in February, have my size 8's fit very comfortably, and my size 6's fit again.  (I've always been sorta between the 2 sizes, and have both in my closet, though the 6's are too tight now.)  The changes I make will need to remain my routine if I want to maintain my weight loss, so I won't do anything drastic, or rushed, and I accept that I *MAY* even have to come to terms with the fact that I'm simply not going to be as firm or slim-waisted as I was in my 20's ever again.  (I said MAY.  I also may not!)  But I know I want to, can and should look and feel better than I currently do.
154.4 lbs   BMI: 25.6

I find photos to be very motivational, so I'm posting them here, along with my daily Weight Watchers points, workout log and whatever else tickles my fancy along the way.  I'm hoping maybe I'll find some other fitness/diet focused people to link to/follow to perhaps keep each other motivated.  If you happen to read this and have some thoughts, advice, encouragement or even a particularly witty insult to share, feel free!  Otherwise, I guess I don't mind talking to myself through this endeavor.