Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 38

It's weird - my motivation came back with a vengeance today, once I decided to care more about how I feel than how the scale acts.   I had a good friend who lost over 100 lbs on WW a few years ago, and I remember her updates about bad weeks, bad moods, strange fluctuations in her progress, etc.  The thing is, she made steady progress, including ups and downs, and she changed her whole life permanently.  She never ate the same, she never felt the same, and the ups and downs along the way were just that - "along the way" - not a sign of success or failure.  As long as she cared and focused on her eating and exercise habits, she was succeeding.   Let's be real - once I hit my goal, I'm more than likely going to have weeks in my life in years to come when I eat poorly or get lazy or for any other reason, put on a couple lbs.  It doesn't have to mean i've lost control and failed.  It could just mean I have to eat lighter for a week, or exercise a bit more to get back to where I want to be.  Big freakin' deal, right?

I am in control.

Today I had a miserable headache that got so intense I was nauseous. So I didn't eat much.  What I did eat was healthy and filling. I found a fabulous new bread at Hannaford's - no weird ingredients, no high fructose anything.  Love it!  I skipped my coffee today (which likely accounts for my headache), and am going to switch to tea, which I always used to drink instead, but that yummy coffee smell is just so appealing.  Picked up some green tea today, which will be accompanying me to work tomorrow.  Wish me luck - the addiction isn't just to caffeine, but to the whole process of stopping to pick up my coffee in the morning and sipping from it as I go through my emails at my desk.  Yes, I can sip from my green tea mug, but the taste is so very different that the whole thing will feel different.  I'll probably need to open a window with my blog on it, so my motivation pics will remind me what I'm doing and why.

Today I ate 21 pts
Exercise: Crunch Burn & Firm (w/ 8lb dumbells); Firm 5 Day Abs (-3 pts)
TOTAL: 16 pts

THANK YOU, whoever posted this butt pic online for the world to see and get motivation from!
I like seeing what's possible with some discipline and determination.  My butt is very much
"before" picture-ish now.  


  1. Ew. I just ate dinner.

    Was this blog meant to be a weight loss program for all you read it? Because it may come to that if you keep posting pics like this.

  2. Is it that bad? One person's motivation may be another person's gag reflex.