Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 49. This months diet is next month's body.

I was falling asleep last night when I remembered more stuff I ate at the party that I'd forgotten to count with my points.  I'm considerably OVER my allotted 35 flex pts for the week.  That's not good.  But it's also not necessary horrible.  I have been overestimating and rounding up my food points values all week, and rounding down/underestimating my activity points.  Plus, with 3 Insanity workouts in the mix, the most vigorous cardio I can freakin IMAGINE,  maybe - perhaps - pleasepleaseplease - I won't have crept back up over 150 this week.

Oh, how I regret those food mistakes now.  Not all of them....but the ones that put me over the 35 flex pts, for sure!  I won't do that again this coming week.  On Friday, I was 100% certain I was losing weight and couldn't wait to see the difference Tues morning.  Then the stupid weekend...and now I'm not sure what to expect.  Again.  Damn!

Today I ate 29 pts
Exercise:  Insanity Core Cardio & Balance (-5 pts)
TOTAL:  24 pts

Total for the week:  ate 226 pts  (154 daily allotted, plus 35 weekly flex pts, plus 37 additional pts)
Activity Points: 30 (leaving an excess 7 pts consumed.)

Clean eating report:  Definitely making progress, but have a very long way to go still.  I have a completely different frame of mind when I go grocery shopping, and I'm looking for things I don't usually prioritize on the labels.  It's not just about low cal/low fat anymore.  I was amazed at the crap in the ingredients list of the yogurt I've been buying.  Breads - forget it!  (That's an easy thing to change though, once you locate the good local brands.)  Sweeteners - still feeling that one out, and not sure I'll stick with the agave nectar.  I may just go back to raw sugar and try to limit it much more.  No more splenda though.  I made my own soup and croutons early this week, which was pretty great!  Nothing I didn't want in there, and everything I DID want.  Like with exercise, it's good to feel really in control of what you're eating too.

No idea what to expect with weigh in tomorrow, but I'm about to bust my a$$ w/ Insanity again right now, so I can at least feel like I've improved my endurance and increased my metabolism, even if I didn't burn enough fat for a weight loss this week.

(God, I hope I did though!!!!)

I love this motto and image.  I've started to imagine myself this summer, thanking myself today for the effort I'm putting in that I won't fully appreciate until then.  Well - not entirely true.  I'm appreciating it each time I experience a little success.  But when I reach my goal, I imagine it will feel so much better, and I'll be grateful for the effort now. Me thanking me. because i'm the one shaping this summer's bikini body, right now, every day, with every food and exercise choice I make.  Man, that's motivational!


  1. As far as sugar, I would definitely look into stevia. Sugar, even less process raw sugar is still pretty harsh on our bodies.

    Many stores carry stevia so check it out. 100% natural and not made in a lab like artificial sweetners.

  2. I read about stevia, and I've been debating giving it a try. The article I read, comparing different sweeteners, didn't make it sound very appealing. (turning food green?) However, agave nectar seems to not get rave reviews either, and I've given that a try. It can't hurt - I'll look for it next time I'm at he market. What do you use it in, yourself? Any baked good as well as tea or coffee?