Tuesday, June 5, 2012

>whew!< Back down! 144.6

Last week's weigh in was freaky.  Since I'm still alive, alert and energetic, it's safe to assume I didn't burn off 4.2 lbs of fat in 7 days to go from 148.8 to 144.6.  It's just those TOM weigh in days that screw with ya...

My week:
Tues: ate 1516 cals.  Burned 536 cals  (60 min Tae Bo Ripped w/ weights)
Wed: ate 1637 cals.  Burned 346 cals (37 min Crunch step aerobics)
Thur:  ate 1513 cals.  Burned 805 cals (1hr 48min hiking/rock climbing)
Fri: ate 1909 cals.  (No exercise)
Sat:  ate 2117 cals.  Burned 803 cals (1 hr 42 min tennis)
Sun:  ate 1312 cals.  Burned 390 cals (50 min reg. Tae Bo - no wts)
Mon:  ate 1892 cals.  Burned 303 cals (42 min Jillian Michaels Killer Buns & Thighs, level 3)

11,899 cals consumed
3183 cals burned  in 6 1/2 hrs exercise
TOTAL: 8716 cals for the week  (316 over goal)

My friend made me a homemade flan yesterday.  It's in my fridge, all perfectly scrumptious and wonderful.  I am going to share it with as many people as I possibly can, and make certain to play tennis AND hike this week.  I want to hit my lowest weight in years next Tuesday....below 144.
I am really motivated by the muscle tone I'm seeing in the mirror.  Still got that stubborn layer of cellulite over the back of thighs and butt though...Will it EVER go away?  (Will the flan help?!?!)

I went to that bridal shower for my ex-niece that I'd been looking forward to with some dread.  Not only didn't my ex in laws travel in to attend, but even her own local teenage sister didn't attend.  And these aren't the bitches - these are the sweet kids.  But I guess in a wacky family with a bitchy matriarch, it's OK to blow off your loved ones' big events.  It's sad...I can't imagine what could keep me away from my sister's (or Granddaughter's!) bridal shower.  I'm glad I have my family...and they can keep theirs.  (FTR, I had 3 mimosas there, and wore a very pretty size 6 dress and felt fit, thin and pretty good!)