Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Motivation Post to all who don't like losing "only" a lb a week

I love the middle phrase because it emphasizes how we need to adopt new habits to live with based on what works for us - not by adapting to some rigorous diet that we intend to implement for a few weeks to reach our goals.  A year from now, you won't remember or care what you weighed on the last day of this challenge.  You'll be living life, thinking, working, feeling, taking care of details, eating, and being as active as you've become accustomed to being.  Let's all try to keep that in mind and implement changes we can live with while enjoying life, and that will be reflected in a positive way in our updates during this challenge.  But remember - the habits we adopt for these 10 weeks will only be worthwhile if they remain in effect.  We're not fighting our bodies to make them into something new.  We're fighting our bad habits to let our bodies become how they were naturally meant to be.  THEY WILL!