Friday, March 23, 2012

It's time to change it all up now.

I just spent some time on, setting up an account and entering my info for the day.  It's giving me details on how to lose 1lb per week by counting calories, carbs, protein and fat, as well as exercise credits.  This seems to me a much better way to stay in control of my diet - not just of losing weight, but of taking account of what and how I'm eating and how it affects my progress.

So I'm done counting points.  I'm going to start counting calories.

I'm so revved up, I was about to run out to buy a heart monitor now - at 9:30pm - for my workout tonight, so I can accurately determine how many calories I'm burning off w/ the Insanity workout.  (I'm a freak - I workout at 11pm most nights.  It just works for me - I've been doing it for 12 years this way.  I shower and sleep like a baby right afterwards.)  But I have a conference to attend tomorrow, and have to leave home at 6am.  So the heart monitor will have to wait, and I need to get my workout done like NOW.

I'll come back to edit my stats once I complete an Insanity DVD w/ my HRM.  For now, I'll just estimate -  today's workout is a full hour - Max Interval Circuit.  I'm calculating calories based on myfitnesspals options of 30 min high impact aerobics plus 30 min vigorous calisthenics.  10 min is going to be warm up/cool down, I know, but 30 min high impact aerobics is probably estimated too low for Insanity anyway, so it should even out.  (Taw Bo is high impact aerobics, and it doesn't get my heart pumping as much as Insanity. Hell, falling off a cliff wouldn't get my heart racing as much as Insanity.)

Here's to changing things up!!

Your Daily Summary

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  1. Hi this is Kody from I am excited to be joining you on the Ready for Summer Challenge the next 10 weeks. I am a new follower of your blog! If you have a chance stop by for a visit some time!!

    1. Thanks, Kody! I'm psyched for the summer challenge also. I've vookmarked your page and will follow your progress as well. Good luck!