Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 51. One pound at a time.

I ate a ring ding.  Probably not my best decision today...but it's over and done with and the days go on.  I can still burn a lb of fat off this week.

Ate 34.5 pts today
Exercise: Crunch Step & Sweat, Firm Abs  (-5 pts)
TOTAL:  29.5 pts (round up to 30, so 8 flex pts used.)

I'm really not sure if I'm getting these activity points calculated accurately.  I think I should be calculating more point credits for the weight work, even if the workout isn't as long and my heart isn't pumping as hard for the same stretch of time as in the high impact aerobics.  Yesterday's Sculpt workout was a little shorter than today's Step aerobic workout, and so I ended up figuring it lower on the points scale WW provides.  But I feel like that can't be right.  I'd like to get this right, but I want to err on the side of underestimation, to be safe.

I have a lunch date w/ an elderly friend tomorrow.  The cafe is healthy, so it shouldn't be hard to opt for a good lunch, but the brownies there are the best I've ever had, and they just sit there on display, visible and wonderfully inviting while we eat.  Fortunately, my elderly friend talks a lot while she eats, and seeing half chewed food in her mouth has proven, in the past, to be a good way to lose my appetite for dessert.

Off work tomorrow, and I'm going to look up some healthy/clean recipes and get some groceries and menu planning done.  I really need to find a healthy snack, because not having that around leaves me w/ temptations like ring dings and fiber 1 brownies (perhaps not that bad - but not really great either).

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  1. Boiled eggs are my best snack option. Boil a dozen (or 5 like me!) on Sunday and you're set for the week.