Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 54 - I'm not eating enough!

According to myfitnesspal, I should eat the extra calories I burn off in exercise above my 1210 daily recommended for 1 lb/week weight loss.

I like this bit of advice tremendously.

I've undereaten for 2 days now, so maybe tomorrow I'll ease up and have that whole wheat tortellini w/ pesto and shredded parmesan-reggiano cheese in my fridge.  I've been craving it.

Today's report:
399 calories from Crunch Step & Sweat (30 min, 10" step, high impact) and BeachBody 7 min ab workout.

I've also eaten over my fiber recommendation for the past 2 days.  Does anyone know if that could be a problem?   I never thought if I was staying in my calorie limits that I could possibly have "too much" fiber.  Isn't that like having too much money, or too many shoes?  Or am I going to start spending hours in the bathroom now?  (I'd prefer the money or shoes.)

Now about tracker:  This website and iPhone app is going to make ALL the difference in me reaching my goals!  Is anyone else here using it?  It ROCKS!  (Free iphone app too!)

Your Daily Goal
*You've earned 399 extra calories from exercise today

Exercise today:  Crunch Step & Sweat w/ 10" step (30 min), and BeachBody 7 min. abs.

Motivation image for the day:
The caption along with this picture where I found it:
Speak to your goals with your actions.


  1. YES... eat back your exercise calories! Through out my entire weightloss journey, I've eaten back my exercise cals and I've still been successful.

    1. I'm trying today....but I'm just not hungry enough for it. What a strange dilemma!

  2. I just bumped up my calories from 1200 to 1500-ish yesterday and I feel SO much better! And I've also just switched to My Fitness Pal, so much easier to use than!

    Too much fiber - make sure you drink plenty of water with it! Here's a quick short reference:

    1. Great info - thanks! I was wondering if I was PMS'ing early last night due to cramping. It must be the fiber.

  3. I'd try to stay above 1200 just in general and you should be fine. Fiber is just going to make you gassy and acts as Nature's Pushbroom. I'm constantly going over their fiber recommendations and their protein guidelines. It's okay. I know I need a lot more protein on work out days and so I can build that fat burning muscle! :)