Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm wearing my skinny jeans! (I just don't look very good in them.)

I find this incredibly humorous.  I'm wearing my size 8 Calvins with the tight, tapered legs and high waist (so the muffin top has no where to escape...the zipper just won't zip if there's muffin-batter there.)  Now I haven't actually OFFICIALLY outgrown these.  When I'm extra pudgy, I just don't bother trying them on, but they're always in my closet as part of my clothing options, and when I think I'm less pudgy I put them on and lay down flat to try to zip them up, then try not to bust the button off by inhaling, or to sit down.  I have frayed a seam in the front due to the intense pressure.  (Kinda cute fray!  Looks like it's meant to be there, as long as there's not a little knob of flab bulging through.)

I haven't tried them on in a few months now.  Til today.  They zipped up no problem.  They're less than cumfy when I sit down and the waistband is buried about 8 inches into my gut.  But that's just sitting.  When I stand, they fit like a dream!!!  Perfectly fitted with nothing feeling tight!  WHOO-HOO!

The humorous part is that, as psyched as I am to be wearing them, I do not look good in them.  I fully realize this.  They show every flaw.  My belly isn't flat yet, and without a flat belly, one should not be wearing form fitting clothes.  I know this.  I see it.  But I wore them anyway.  Because they fit.  :) I wore a long cardigan over my fitted Tshirt w/ them, to retain a bit of dignity.

YAY!  I'm wearing my skinny jeans!  I'm making progress!  This is a GOOD day!

Just for the record: I hate "skinny".  I'm just using the common term for this style of jeans.  I find actual skinniness to be pretty gross, and would take pudgy over skinny any day.  Honestly.

EDITED later:
Just took some pics w/ my skinny jeans, then when I went to change I noticed that they are, in fact, a size 6 - NOT a size 8!  Nice!!

I still don't look good in them. >chuckle<   It's just not a flattering cut for me.  But they served me and my motivation very well today.   :)

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