Tuesday, March 13, 2012

And so we meet again, 140's

I lost 1.6 lbs this week.  Back below 150, to 149.8.  >whew!< 

Now it's sort of funny....I spent a considerable amount of brain power to convince myself that I hadn't actually gained 1.8 lbs worth of fat last week, regardless of the stupid scale.  The scale had to be wrong - at least somewhat!  (maybe I put on 1 lb, which was bad enough.  But surely not 1.8 lbs!!)  But now that I'm DOWN 1.6 lbs, I'm certain that I burned off that full 1.6 lbs of pure fat this week.  Ha!!  I'm an idiot that way, I guess.  A happy idiot - who weighs in the 140's.  :)

OK, now THIS TIME I mean it when I say I'm not going to see that 5 on the scale again until I hit 145! 


  1. YAY!!! Awesome job!

    And of course you didn't gain 1.8 lbs. of fat last week. That means you had to eat 6300+ calories OVER your maintenance calories for the week and looking at your points, there's no way that happened. It could have been just water weight. Anyway, you kicked a$$ last week so welcome back to the 140's, girl!

    And to answer your question about almond milk vs. cow milk. I'm not against dairy per se (I still love yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, and ICE CREAM!) but when it comes to regular milk, I just try to avoid it. Almond milk is WAY lower in calories with all the benefits of regular milk. Yogurt, cottage cheese, and ice cream are "treats" for me but I use almond milk almost everyday so finding a sub for regular milk was a must.

    I don't have a problem with dairy foods either, but I have noticed I feel better since I took milk out of my diet. Plus, almond milk lasts a little longer than regular milk... so the boyfriend and I actually use it all up before it goes bad. =)

    And I'm a strong believer that too much soy is bad for you which is why I don't drink soy milk. I stick to almond or coconut.

  2. Totally agree about the soy concerns, Annie! And my sister (the only other person reading/posting feedback here) has told me similar things about almond and coconut milk - also how giving up dairy has helped her skin - something else I struggle with. I'm picking up a few varieties this week to see what I like best in chai, coffee, protein shakes and cereal. I'll give it a fair shake before making any official switch.

    I appreciate all the great bits of info you've shared here and on your blog! Thanks!!