Saturday, March 31, 2012

Challenge tonight

I have a good friend's 40th birthday celebration tonight.  She's making dinner, me and another friend are bringing appetizers/sides and dessert.  I have no idea what food will be there, but I know neither of them are focused much on calorie intake (both very tall and very thin), and the birthday chick is a 1st Class Entertainer, so she likes to have food out all over the place for people (us and our boyfriends/husbands) to walk around stuffing out faces for an hour or so before any meal is served.  It's like walking through a mine-field, trying to go there and avoid overeating.   If I tell them I'm trying not to overeat, they'll tell me to lighten up and enjoy myself for the night.  (I sorta did that last night though - overate for emotional reasons.)

I am OK with going over my calories for her birthday celebration.  I just don't want to go WAYYY over them, esp since I have no chance to get a workout in today.  I can't hike as planned, due to rain.  Boyfriend's on his way over in a bit, so I can't pop in a workout video now.  I had my Cheerios for b'fast already, so I suppose I need to have a salad for lunch and save up all my calories for this evening.  I hate waiting.  I'm really, really fighting a desire to pig out on the whole contents of my kitchen today.

This is hard.  And I guess that's why not everyone is doing it.... >sigh<

I need a great motivational pic now.... (Nothing wrong with re-using my favorites.)

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  1. Great choice of inspirational quotes. It's so easy to get sidetracked and distracted on this process -- but it is possible to get through it, and you've definitely got the determination.

    Hope you had a good time and didn't let the food minefield get in the way of enjoying yourself! :)