Monday, March 12, 2012

6 Week Progress Pics

Starting pics - Jan 31, 2012 - 154.4 lbs (5'5")

6 Weeks Progress Pics - Mar 12, 2012 - 149.8 lbs

It may be silly, but my new workout clothes make me even more psyched to exercise, and to watch my muscles working in the mirror.   I don't see much of a difference in my 6 week progress pics - just a very, very slight difference in my waist.  The biggest difference I notice in the mirror when I workout is in the muscles in my arms, actually.  

I've had an excellent week.  I'm psyched for weigh in tomorrow morning.  I haven't switched over to clean eating completely, but I'm paying attention to it, and noticing when I'm eating things I could improve on.  That's a good 1st step.  I've cut out Splenda, tried and liked agave nectar, (plan to buy), I've been making a lot more of my own "clean" meals to bring to work, snacking on almonds between meals to avoid hunger and keep my metabolism up, I've increased my protein and decreased my bread intake significantly, I've gone out to eat twice and ordered the only healthy clean foods both times:  black bean soup w/ cilantro, shrimp cooked in lime chopped up w/ onion and avocado...and a grilled chicken breast w/ onion and avocado on a multi grain roll - which I halved.  My one indulgence this week was a chocolate croissant while out w/ my guy this weekend.  (It was heavenly.)

Today I consumed 22 pts. (I ate enough - just very low point value foods.)
No exercise today

I have 12 flex points unused this week.
I consumed 189.5 pts
I burned off 23 activity pts w/ 6 workouts
TOTAL:  166.5 pts 

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