Saturday, March 3, 2012

Yes! A headache!

I've got the early stages of a migraine this morning, which means my period's imminent, which means my excess lb yesterday is easily ignored. So I'm good with that, and the headache's just a bit less horrible due to this.

Yesterday I ate a scone.  I knew I'd be having healthy, homemade vegetable soup for dinner, and I'd had my protein/berry shake for b'fast, and I thought I'd like to treat myself to that indulgence mid-day.  But other little snacks during the course of the afternoon added up also, and the soup was served with big slices of Italian bread which seemed crazy to resist while eating the soup, and then the chocolate pound cake was sitting there, and I broke a piece off to devour before turning down an actual, full piece.  Later on my daughter got a slice of pizza, and I took 2 bites of it.  (Seemed simple enough in the moment, but now admitting it in this manner makes me sound and feel like I'm an out of control eating machine.)

It all added up.  14 pts over my daily 22.  And no exercise - I was with my boyfriend and friends til late.  So it was not a great day.  But nothing's been blown for the week either.  19 flex points left to last through Monday.  I'll be having b'fast and dinner out on Monday, so I have to save these pts for then to play it safe.

I ate 36 pts
No exercise

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