Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 31 - Clean Eating?

Just chugging along.  Noticing how many things I habitually eat are processed crap.  Fiber 1 brownies - full of ingredients I can't figure out.  Splenda in my coffees, which I have always felt a bit ashamed about using b/c I know it's garbage, but I like the 0-calorie, 0 point thing...That's done with now.  Gotta buy the natural type of peanut butter.  Gotta switch breads.  It's a little overwhelming trying to think of all the things I have to re-think when grocery shopping...and things I just can't eat when I'm eating my mom's meals, which is very often.  (She's a big fan of Sam's Club frozen meals, anything w/ sauce or dressing packets included, Wonder bread, etc...and seems genuinely annoyed if I prepare my own brown rice or whole grain bread to go with a meal, or request she leave pre-pkgd sauce or dressing off my portion.)

If I was an experienced blogger, or somewhat tech-savvy computer chick, I'd link to Annie The Amazing Shrinking Girl's blog post about clean eating.  But I'm not.  So I can't.  But thanks for the info, Annie.  My health/fitness/weightloss goal - as well as my blogging - takes on a new dimension now for Month 2 of my journey.

Today I ate 26 pts
Exercise:  The Firm Complete Aerobic & Weights, and Firm 5 Day Abs  (-5 pts)
TOTAL:  21 pts

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  1. For your splenda, use stevia instead. Still 0-calorie and should still be 0-point (I'm not sure how the point system works).

    Grocery shopping, just stick to the perimeter of the store... basically if you can find it in nature, eat it! If you can't, then don't.

    Excited that you're along this journey with me!