Friday, March 9, 2012

Switch to green tea

Wow - now this works!!  Instead of coffee.  Just a few all natural ingredients.  Distinct flavor, I love the taste and the smell, and I can absolutely get used to this instead of my usual hazelnut coffee at my desk at work.  I steeped it in 1/3 nuked/hot milk (almond milk, actually, since that's what was in the fridge here), and 2/3 hot water - not quite boiling yet.  Perfect!

HOLY CRAP!  I'm sitting here enjoying my lunch of multi grain flatbread toasted in the oven, broken up into bits and dipped into hummus.  It's my favorite, and I eat it 3 or 4 times a week.  I was adding my points up and wondered how I'd gotten 2 pts for this bread (way back when I started counting points, and I haven't re-checked it since then.)  I wanted to double check.  It has a lot of bits of grains and nuts in it, and it tastes dense and ...well, damn yummy.  I looked at the nutritional content - 250 calories in 1 piece!  5 grams of fiber, 5 grams of fat!!  ACK!  That's 5 points, not 2!  So many of my previous days point calculations are too low. 

I kept 1/3 of my currently toasting flatbread, but threw the rest out and took a piece of regular multi grain toast (1 pt) to dip in the hummus in its place.  >sigh<  Somethings are just too good to be true.

When I reach my goal, I'll go back to eating my fave flatbread.  But I want to lose now.  My boyfriend, his friends and I have a challenge going to see who can make the best progress on their BMI and fat % by the end of March.  I intend to win.


  1. I LOVE tea and if you love hazelnut, Stash makes a killer chocolate hazelnut decaf tea. So good with milk like you made the chai one. Look for it!

  2. Milk= bad!! Step away from the milk!! Go dairy-free, it's where it's AT!

    But too funny, I just bought this same tea two days ago.

  3. I adore milk. I can't give it up. Nor can I give up cheese. However, since we discussed this issue, I have cut out the yogurt (which was easy since I kinda hate it and was only eating it b/c it's a light lunch, easy to pack for work.) I've also tried and love your coconut milk, and I enjoyed that almond milk I used in the tea Friday. So I'm branching out. Still need that occasional big glass of organic skim cow's milk though. I crave it. I need it. I love it.