Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 60 - Don't want to work out, ate like hell, blah.

I ate 712 calories over my daily goal today.  The last 400 or so weren't even b/c I was hungry, but because I was stressed, sad, and/or hormonal.  My 14 yr old daughter was on a flight (alone) to her dad's 1,000 miles away for Spring Break.  I HATE watching her walk down the gate onto an airplane and take off into the sky without a parent or even a familiar face on board.  It makes me sick, actually.  But I have to allow it - court rules.  I got home from the airport at 9:30pm and was hungry since I'd only had a small 4:30pm dinner and refused to stop for fast food.  So I proceeded to consume 760 calories of oil-drenched broccoli rabe, and goat cheese ravioli w/ butter & oil, and about 6 cloves of garlic - so that I can have lovely breath along w/ my bulging belly.

And I don't feel AT ALL like exercising tonight.  NOT AT ALL.

OK - now that I got that out....I'm going to exercise and come back and note it in my journal.  Hmph.  Blah.  Whatever... Gotta just do it.

Alright - I did an old easy workout tape, w/ Denise freakin' Austin instructing.  Talk about a blast from the past.  She's so peppy it borders on lunacy, and she has NO rhythm at all.  You can see her backup exercisers struggling to find a balance between staying with the actual rhythm and following her.  I imagine they can get fired if they make her look bad.  It's all pretty amusing, so even though the workout is quite lame - just very, very basic elementary aerobic moves w/ dumbell work in between sets - at least my mind can become engaged in the whole sub-plot of the back-up people not being allowed to stay in rhythm, or risk being replaced by a better Denise Austin follower.  :)  It's a workout, it's a comedy, and it's a drama, all wrapped up into one.

Your Daily Summary

GoalFoodExercise= Net
12101922- 2951627

My motivation pic for the day - GREAT toned legs:

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  1. Pushing through to workout when you're just not in the mood can be such a challenge ... well done for doing it!