Wednesday, March 7, 2012

And now an exercise in avoiding discouragement.

I was psyched to weigh myself this morning.  I was below 150 last week and I expected to stay there.  I had an extra day to make progress too, and I used it well.  I ate the same points value and exercised the same activity points value as the previous week, when I'd lost a pound, AND my period started which usually results in a very quick scale adjustment downwards.

I weighed 151.4 this morning.  That's 1.8 lb GAIN from last week.

I don't really care to sit here and guess what and why and how.  Screw it.  It's a scale.  It doesn't matter all that much.  I've made good changes in my diet, I have good ideas and a fair amount of motivation to make further changes to improve it farther.  I'm exercising with great stamina and I feel good about it.  It could be mind over matter, or it could be true progress, but my legs feel firmer and I notice more muscle tone in the mirror while I'm exercising.  My only really big complaint is that my waist - which has always been the place I see results the quickest - is taking a LOT longer than usual, and longer than my limbs, for me to see progress.

I will not get discouraged.

This chick is always in the Athleta catalogs, and her muscle tone amazing!
The Athleta catalog was my primary/sole source of motivational images for awhile.
(Now there's pinterest. This chick is posted often there as well.)

Today I ate 29 pts
Exercise: The Firm Total Sculpt & Abs (-4 pts rather than 6, b/c I cut it short to take a phone call that lasted too long.)
TOTAL: 25 pts (3 flex pt)

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