Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Week 8 Weigh In - 147!!

I burned off 1.6 lbs of fat this week!!!! That's a total of 7.4 lbs in 8 weeks.
I wasn't hungry at all.  I enjoyed eating a lot of great stuff this week.  I can do this full time, everyday, for the rest of my life!  This is no crash diet.  And I love my workout hour - nothing I can't keep up with there either.  Yes, I've been doing the harder workouts more consistently lately, but when I hit maintenance mode, I can go back to my previous routine for the past 14 yrs and do some of the less strenuous workouts a few days a week.

I"m doing it!!!

Snoopy time:


  1. Congratulations! There is nothing more motivating than to realize that you can do this indefinitely, that there isn't "finish" of diet!

  2. Yay you :D and I just love the snoopy picture!!

  3. i absolutely LOVE this post. i love that you are lovin' it!! sometimes it's sooo easy to get really down on the whole being healthy thing...but really it has so many fun things about it. and major payoffs!!

  4. AWESOME!!! Keep up the weight training to make sure it's fat you're losing and not muscle. I'm proud of you, girl!!!

    You're my inspiration for sure!

  5. Awesome!! :) Love the positive energy!