Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 30

Great day!  Had pre-planned to grab a Cheerios to go when I got my morning coffee before work.  Got to the coffee shop and came thisclose to ordering a bagel/egg sandwich instead, thinking I'd eat light the rest of the day and exercise hard tonight.  I pushed the thought aside and put forth the effort to make my mouth say "Cheerios, please", telling myself I'd be pleased with myself later.  (I sure am!)  I decided to say it - I said it - it happened....I am in control.  Let there be no forgetting that.

I had such a great day eating-wise, I didn't have to think twice about enjoying a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie this evening, made by my daughter.  I had the points left.  Nice!  I felt so good about it all that I didn't even have a hard time just taking one, enjoying it and letting that be the end of it.  \

Today I ate 27 pts
Exercise: Crunch Step & Sweat, 200 squats (-5 pts)
TOTAL:  22 pts

During my workout, I watch my form in the mirror b/c it helps me work harder, trying to see my muscle tone while I work.  I kick higher, squat deeper, and during exhausting floor work/leg lift reps, I make eye contact with myself and give myself a mental pep talk.  Is that hokey?  (Do I care?)

During tonight's workout, I noticed 2 things:  My biceps looking a little more defined when I lift my arms up or out, and oblique muscles I don't usually see - because they've been covered in too much flab.  It reminded me very clearly of how it felt to have flat, toned abs - and I LOVE THAT FEELING!!!!  I remember one summer day telling a friend that I was so psyched to realize I didn't have to suck in my stomach at all when I was in a bikini around the pool - (with other people!)  >sigh<  It's been quite awhile since then, but I remember that feeling... It really is amazing.

I've decided to postpone me end-of-month progress picture until after my cycle brings me to a better place.  I'm not really feeling it looming, so it may be a few days.  (I never know when to expect it until I get a migraine or a breakout.  Sexy, huh?)


  1. Sounds like you got your motivation back!! Awesome job!

    Btw, I'm doing a clean eating challenge this month... feel free to join!

  2. LOVE IT!!! Exactly what I need to learn about and start implementing. Thanks, Annie!!