Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 22 - Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday

In the true spirit of the season, I went to the Church pancake supper and consumed 4 pancakes, some kind of cake-thing, bacon and a mimosa.  And then, not feeling very work-out-y, I burned not one darn point back off this evening.  So 1st day of the week, and 22 flex points gone.  And y'know, I think that's OK.  It's Mardi Gras.  I had fun.  I'll be fasting twice this week as lent begins  (2 very small meals and 1 main meal at dinner, no snacks in between.)  The pressure is on now that I only have 12 flex points left for the week, and 2 birthday parties to attend this weekend.  I may have to break out the Insanity workouts.  >gulp<

Today I ate 44 points  (I feel that should echo for effect.)
Workout - NONE
Total:  44 pts (22 flex pts)

And now a little bit'a Beyonce for motivation....
You don't need long skinny legs to rock a pair of tight jeans.  You just need a good waist line and no muffin-top.  (Killer shoes can't hurt either.)

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