Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 4, Happy Dance!

~ Happy Dance ~
Friday Weigh-In - Day 4
153.6 lbs  (-.8)
(And my period just started, so I'm at my heaviest weight of my cycle today.)

Today: ate 25 pts
Workout:  The Firm Accelerate - Cardio (20 min), 10 min jog on treadmill, and Firm 5 Day Abs    +4 pts
TOTAL:  21 pts

I screwed up today - sorta.  I got a scone for b'fast.  A big, buttery, sweet, berry-filled scone.  I always get one for someone at my workplace at Fridays, and I just didn't bother trying to resist, thinking "I'll work it off".  I don't know exactly what the ingredients are to calculate the pts with certainty, but the alarming facts are as follows:

The Weight Watchers food companion guide lists a "regular scone , 2.5 oz" as 6 pts.  This scone is not regular in any way.  It's more buttery and sugary than other scones.  It's pretty much a huge chunk of crispy edged sweet fat with some berries mixed in for flavor.

Now on to the size - if 2 1/2 ox is "regular", then this one is "mega".  I'd say it was 5 oz, so double the pts...
That's TWELVE POINTS for one breakfast mistake.  (How ironic - my post yesterday, and all my big talkin' and high plannin'. Ha.)

After consuming 12 pts of sweet fat for bfast, I had to really limit the rest of my meals/snacks for the day.  But I've done it.  (Thank you, Panera's low fat veggie soup!)

.8 of a pound at a time, I'm moving away from this:

And toward this:

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