Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 26 - FAIL

I did manage to limit my french toast serving early today to what was probably 3/4 a standard serving.  The recipe has 8 eggs in it though, and the points are high.  So 8 pts for that.  Then we had birthday cannolis instead of cake this evening.  I split a cannoli w/ my boyfriend, but still - 4.5 unhealthy points for that half.  Didn't over-do anything at dinner, but tonight - sitting here going over my points and feeling bad about the french toast AND cannoli combo, AND the fact I'm exhausted (woke up very early to make this casserole so it could sit in the egg mix for a few hours, as needed), so I'm totally not up for exercising tonight.  As if all this isn't bad enough, when I went to double check the nutritional content of the pickled red cabbage I'd had with dinner, I didn't resist the temptation to reach into the tupperware with the leftover french toast casserole and broke off a small piece to eat.  >sigh<  NOtice I didn't say "couldn't resist".  Sure, I could have!  I'm in control of my own actions.  But I "DIDN'T" resist.

So I'm now officially 2.5 pts over my flex points for the week, with 2 days to go.  Nothing else going on that I will have a hard time eating well for in the next 2 days though.  I plan on keeping it low fat, fiber-rich and limit starches/breads, and to workout HARD for the next 2 days in the hopes that Tuesdays weigh in isn't an unpleasant experience.  I'm also expecting a weight spike of 2 or so lbs in the coming week due to my cycle, so if Tuesday's weigh-in sucks, I will focus on the following one being a more certain loss.  I won't let this discourage me.  I've been working out hard and I'm happy with myself about that.  I have a lot of room for growth on the self-control issue.  I'm eager to do better with that, and sort of even enjoying the process, now that I'm paying such close attention to it.  I'm improving myself, mentally as well as pysically.  I want to look better as soon as possible, of course, but there's no deadline on trying to improve myself.  Once I improve one thing, I'll be eager to find something else to work on.  Such is life.

I'm now VERY eager to eat VERY well tomorrow!!!!!!  It's strange, how eager I am for it.  If I feel this way about it now, why was today so darn hard???

March on......

Today I ate 28.5 pts
No exercise
TOTAL:  28.5 pts (including last 4 flex pts, plus 2.5 beyond.)

(Maybe it's time to go back to the motivation pics of the negative kind.)

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  1. OMG I love what you just said:

    "there's no deadline on trying to improve myself"

    That's so true!!! So in my book, you aren't failing at all. You're learning from your struggles and look, it's making you super excited about making tomorrow an AWESOME day. Sounds like a win to me!