Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 12

My waist looks smaller!  I'm sure I'm not imagining it!!  Oh happy happy dance!!!

My sweet daughter brought me breakfast in bed this morning.  She loves me, yes, but she was also trying to butter me up - quite literally - to ask me to take her to some big teen club event tonight, about a 50 min drive away with God only knows what kind of supervision.  That's not happening.  It sorta broke my heart, but I had to say no to that AND turn down the b'fast.  (2 scrambled eggs and a bagel w/ butter on it.)  I had planned an egg white veggie omelette for bfast, and NO bagel.  Big no.  Ugh.... If she was younger, I'd have eaten it anyway to spare her feelings.  At 14 1/2, I think she can understand that I'm keeping close watch on what I consume.  She ended up eating this b'fast herself, so no waste.

She's a smart girl...Now that I think of it, I wonder if she knew I couldn't/wouldn't eat that, and thought by saying no to the b'fast she made would make me more inclined to take mercy on her and say yes to the event.  Hmmm...

At any rate, when getting dressed I noticed my waist looking decidedly more defined.  Now THAT is a nice feeling!!

Off to great start this weekend!

End of day update:

Today: ate 29.5 pts
Workout:  Adv.Tae Bo (+6pts)
TOTAL: 23.5 pts  (1.5 flex pts)

This, in my opinion, is what perfectly toned legs look like.

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