Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 27

Wasn't a stellar day, but I stayed within my points and had a really energetic workout.  (Actually, the workout is the only reason I've ended up within my daily points range.)

Today I ate 28.5 pts
Exeercise: Advanced Tae Bo (-7 pts)
TOTAL:  21.5 pts

I read some very interesting things about food choices, metabolism, and fat burning.  I'm not entirely convinced the points system is enough for me to get to my goal without also considering what my body does with certain types of "points" after they're consumed.  A No-Pudge brownie is 1 point.  A small banana is 1 pt.  If I have either one of those things each evening for a snack, will it make a difference in my metabolism?   How can it not??  Weight Watchers makes a lot of "junk food" with low point values, but their ingredients just don't look healthy.  How does my body process all that stuff I can't even pronounce?  Now, that being said, I think these things may serve a purpose now and then, and i'm NOT about to give up my No Pudge brownies because they are a delightful chocolate treat and I feel like I'm just eating what I like - which is nothing hard to keep doing.  But do I really want to use up 1 or 2 points per day on artificially sweetened, processed, low point concoctions just because "I can"?   No.  I don't.

I need to keep reading up on this - how different foods affect blood sugar and how that in turn affects metabolism.  If I'm making wiser food choices, perhaps I should even be consuming MORE points per day to increase my fat burning.  Then again, I'm not sure how much the point system takes this stuff into account already.  All I know is that a Splenda-full mini carrot cake snack can't possibly effect my body the same way as a piece of celery dipped in hummus, even if they are the same points value.

I could spend the summer trying to suck in my belly and cover up as much as possible....

...or I could feel great about the way my belly, quads and glutes look, toned with no cellulite dimples, so I can relax  around the water, not hide in it.   

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