Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 3: Hurry up now!

I'm still on track, but it's only day 3 and I have so long to go before seeing any results that are as dramatic as I intend them to be, considering how revved up I am about this.  At moments, I kinda just want to say screw it and dip a donut in peanut butter.  But I won't.

I don't have a scale, but I use a friend's scale on Friday mornings before work, so tomorrow will be a weigh in day, just 3 days after my initial weigh in.  I'm due for my period any moment now, so I feel like I have a great excuse if I don't see a difference on the scale yet.  But honestly, I better freakin' see a difference!  I want the motivation of an immediate dip in the scale, however small,and the bonus of knowing I'll lose even more in a few more days, after my period, and after more days of budgeting points.  I mean, really...carrying my little eating journal around all day, counting every little point and plotting my workouts, all to guarantee a loss this week....I reallllly want my 1st week to be enough of a loss that it will show up halfway into it!  I want some powerful incentive to keep doing exactly what I'm doing.  Some incentive other than the less tangible fact that I do feel fabulous.  I feel in control of everything - what I'm doing today, what it means for me in the future.  Though I'm NOT a morning person, I'm eager to get up and start another day of progress and success.  I'm motivated to eat a healthy breakfast.  After my late night workout before bed, then waking up to a healthy b'fast, I find it's easier to stay on track and keep the momentum going the rest of the day so as not to let myself down..."myself" being the me who was sweating through a workout the night before, and eating Cheerios and grapefruit in the morning rather than a scone or bagel.  (mmmm...scones and bagels.... wait...what were we talking about?)

OK - let's do some Motivational Breakfast Images:

Ahh yes,  lest we forget, a healthy breakfast not only benefits your energy, health and figure,
but it also spurs love and romance.  Surely this man would not be smiling so suggestively
if his beloved were chomping on a Sausage McMuffin w/ Egg. 
I think my abs look better just from looking at this photo with the intent of eating it soon.

Today:  Ate 28 pts
Workout:  20 min on treadmill, The Firm "Accelerate: Cardio and Sculpt" (20 min), and Firm 5 Day Abs (45 min total).  -4 pts
TOTAL:  24 pts  (2 flex pts)

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