Tuesday, February 21, 2012

-.8 lb. Good Lord, this is taking so much longer than it used to

In my 20's and earlier 30's,  if I noticed my belly looking puffy, I'd eat better or exercise more for 1-2 weeks and it would all be back to normal.  That is clearly not the case anymore.  I've completed 3 weeks of eating within my weight-loss range AND exercising daily/vigorously...either one of those things should have resulted in weight loss on their own, and I did both.  I've lost .8 lb this week.  That's after last week's .2 lb.  One measly pound in 2 weeks.  Three weeks of it, and a total loss of 3.8 lbs.   At the risk of sounding laughably idiotic, I expected to be losing close to that amount in a week.  (I'm cringing at my own words there.  But if I can't be blunt and honest in an anonymous blog, what's the point?)

My consolation:  I'm not doing anything I can't keep doing every day for the rest of my life.  I mean, I'd like to stop writing down all the weight watchers points eventually, and I assume I'll be able to once I get a better feel for how the points value of different foods, and what my daily diet should generally consist of in order to lose or maintain weight.  So losing slow may be a good sign that this is a sustainable health/diet lifestyle change rather than some short-term crash diet.  I obviously have to give up the goal of losing 10 lbs this month.  But I can see how that probably just wasn't a healthy goal for me anyway. To be eating less than I am now, or exercising more (?!) could make me lose faster, but I can't maintain that routine.  What would my diet/exercise routine be by May 1st then?  What would my weight be by summertime?

So I'll lose slowly and accept that.  (Do I have another choice??)

Jan 31 - 154.4
Feb 7 - 151.6
Feb 14 - 151.4
Feb 21 - 150.6

TOTAL LOSS: 3.8 lbs in 3 weeks.

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  1. I know what you mean. The good news is you're still moving in the right direction and 3.8 lbs in 3 weeks? That's great! Don't sell yourself short on an accomplishment most people would be happy with (I know I would be). =)