Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 21

Ready for my 3rd week weigh in tomorrow morning.  Really don't know what to expect.  I've stayed on program and done everything I'm supposed to, but last week's .2 lb loss really has me feeling like I'm at the mercy of the scale - I'm not calling the shots.  On the other hand, regardless of any weight loss or gain, I am most certainly feeling good about my eating habits this month.  I'm enjoying the healthier snacks, and I feel good about turning down most of the junk options.  (not all - but most.)  Most of all, I feel great about how easily the exercise commitment has come.  6 days a week, no excuse and -honestly - no desire for an excuse.

Today:  ate 32 pts
Workout:  Advanced Tae Bo and Firm 5 Day Abs  (-7 pts)
TOTAL:  25 pts

I recalculated my points this week based on NOT subtracting activity pts as I did them, but rather taking from my flex points, and considering activity pts just bonus extras, not factored in.When calc. that wat way, my totals for the week are:
34.5 flex pts consumed
30 activity points earned

So any way I calculate it, I really should have lost weight this week.  I'm so eager to see, yet also sorta dreading it and the possibility that all my confidence in this system could be blown to smithereens - if I don't lose.

Recalc. for the last 2 weeks:

Week 1
51.5 flex pts consumed
26 activity points earned
LOST 2.6 lbs
(though my initial weigh in on day 1 was the start of my period, so I'd have expected to lose at least a lb that week regardless of diet/exercise.)

Week 2
38.5 flex pts consumed
27 activity points earned
LOST .2 lb

Week 3
34.5 flex pts consumed
30 activity points earned

Gina freakin' Carano, looking decidedly more confident about her weigh in than I will.

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