Thursday, February 16, 2012

WHY did I DO THAT?!?!

I did it again.  I devoured a 12 pt scone for bfast.  Yes, I would prefer to have had a healthy b'fast at home, but I had to get up early and do the carpool in to school for my daughter and a couple of other kids.  That takes over an hour, round trip.  Then I rushed to get ready for work in 30 min, trying to budget in a few min to mix up a protein shake to take with me.  No time.  Couldn't do it.  I stopped to grab my coffee a block away from work, and figured I'd order a quick eggwhite and veggie concoction on whole wheat.  I mentally prepped myself to NOT order or even look at the bagels behind the glass next to the register.  I was ready.  I was motivated.  I was on a strict "eggwhite and veggie, only!" quest.

The coffee shop was closed for some reason.  (Imagine the nerve!!??)  Next thought - oatmeal to go, from the other cafe across the street.  Problem:  I have to drop off $ there from this past weekend, when I ran short of cash and they told me to just come drop it off next time I'm there.  (I love my small town!) But I didn't have enough cash on me this morning for that PLUS bfast, and I sure as heck didn't want to go in there for any reason OTHER than to give them my $...not to order more food while still owing them $.  Ugh!  So I ran off to a different coffee shop, where they don't do eggwhite and veggie bfasts, OR oatmeal to go.  And man, was I hungry!  I looked at the mixed greens salads in the fridge, but they're not bfast.  There were fruit salads also - but they just didn't look at all appealing for bfast.  And then, there behind the glass counter, were the big fat crispy-outer, bready-inner, berry popping, buttery, scrumptious mega scones I mentioned last week.  The woman fixed my coffee (splenda and skim milk) and asked if I'd like anything else.  I looked at the fruit salads.  I looked at the scones.  And that's the story.....

12 fattening points.  This is NOT the way to get rid of cellulite!!!


Gotta spend the rest of the day making up for this.  I didn't enjoy the scone THAT much to be worth this.

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