Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rethinking the points routine

I've been reading some online discussions about how to track and use up points.  I never thought of it before, but there's a choice to make regarding which points you count at the end of the day:  do you take from your activity points 1st, or your flex points 1st?  I've been taking from my activity points 1st, but I am going to change that for week 4 (starting Tuesday.)

I'm allotted 22 pts per day, minimum point value intake.  It's my understanding that I should use a significant portion of my weekly 35 flex points in addition to the 22 daily points.  I believe this is probably wise to keep my metabolism up, and fall into a dietary routine that I can maintain once I lose the weight I want to lose.  22 pts per day may seem do-able now that my motivation is all revved up to lose weight by the end of the month, but honestly - I can't limit myself to that for the rest of my life.  Don't want to!  So I have to commit to eating most, if not all of them each week.  What I'm going to do then is rearrange my points calculations.... Eat my 22 pts, and whatever I go over comes out of the flex pts.  When I get close to using up the 35 flex pts by the end of the week, I can check out my activity points log and see how many points I've "banked" so far for the week, and then determine if going over my daily points, and perhaps beyond what's left in my flex pts, will be OK.

Since last week was a bit of a shock - I *should have* lost more, considering my points consumed and burned - then I think perhaps a change in approach towards points calculation will be helpful.

And while we're at this -a 2nd daily post - may as well take the opportunity to post another motivation pic.  (Did I mention I love them?)

This is how I love to feel after a good workout.

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