Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 25

Today I ate 36 pts
Exercise:  The Crunch Step & Sweat and Firm 5 Day Abs (-5 pts)
TOTAL:  31 pts

3 pieces of eggplant covered pizza for dinner.  THREE.  I'd have resisted that 3rd one, but my mom just kept telling me to take another.  It's ALL HER FAULT.  ;)

This is really not my best week.  

Tomorrow's my dad's  birthday and I'm making him his favorite Challah French Toast Casserole.  It's heavenly, and I don't know if I want to even attempt to not have any.  I'm trying to plan my whole day's menu in advance so I can have *a piece* of the French toast, after half a protein shake (so I'm not hungry when I start digging in to the Fr Tst), a salad for lunch, and then a small portion of the pot roast my mom is making for the family for dinner.  I can whip up a No Pudge brownie when everyone has b'day cake.  (I prefer it, anyway.)  I can do this!    My sister has to eat lactose and gluten free, so I'm not alone in having to set myself apart from everyone else who'll be eating like crazy.   

I only have 4 flex points left for the week - 3 more days.   Given my 2 days of no exercise and my 2 days of overeating, I kinda feel like I shouldn't touch those flex I'm not going to make progress this week.  I want to do well this weekend.  I want to feel great about it on Monday, and be eager to get on the scale Tues.

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