Monday, February 6, 2012


Tomorrow I weigh in for my 1st completed week of WWPP.  I've realized this week that restaurant dining is just a BAD idea when watching calorie and fat intake.  That's gonna be a hard habit to break, but keeping count of the points sure helps turn down those bad dining options.

I worked out 6 days this week, banking a total of 27 pts!  (whoo-hoo!  I like seeing it tallied up like that.  I kinda rock!)
I used 30 of my 35 flex points this week.

Today: ate 34 pts
Workout: The Firm Accelerate - Sculpt w/ 8 lb dumbells  (2 pts?)
TOTAL:  32 pts

I saw a movie tonight w/ this chick starring in it.  She's in amazing shape, and has a similar figure to mine, though she's much more toned, much less jiggly than I am currently.  I love that they put a curvy, thick-legged woman in a kickass leading role.   Makes me appreciate my own figure more, seeing her toned curves flaunted as opposed to all the usual waifs Hollywood presents as ideal.  I found the whole thing very motivating and was psyched to come home and exercise hard.

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