Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 6: Superbowl Sunday motivation

Superbowl Sunday motivation!  (It's the 2nd biggest eating day of the year, they say.)

I love before and after photos.  They take images of my goals and put them right out there to look at.  This one really motivates me because it's not such a huge, drastic change, yet the little change makes a huge difference.  I can do this!  It's not such a huge endeavor. (Is that surgical panties she's wearing?)

I've planned ahead for my gametime snacking, and will try to ignore my dad's snacks, which are never very health-conscious.   I'm having reduced fat triscuits w/ Laughing Cow reduced fat swiss cheese spread, baked whole wheat pita chips w/ hummus, and this pizza I found online when googling "healthy pizza".
6 pts for 2 pieces.  Not bad!

Also planning head, I had a salad for lunch with barely a touch of dressing.  (Trick: lightly dipping the fork in the dressing before picking up food.)  Now I can enjoy my snacks tonight without obsessing over the points.  I still have 16 flex pts for the week (ending tomorrow) which I can consume and still count on a weight loss this week.  I'd rather not use them all this week, but I won't beat myself up if I do.  My goal is to stick with this long term, and something like Superbowl snacking will certainly help me feel like I'm simply eating healthy and not "dieting".  I can stick with this, no problem.

Updating this after the game: (we won!)
The pizza was great!  Had 3 pieces instead of 2.  Had 6 triscuits w/ 1 Laughing Cow cheese wedge.  Had some celery and carrots.  Had one baked chicken wing w/ hot sauce.  Had a small chocolate chip cookie and coffee.   And had 1 wedge/slice of a turkey & cheese wrap.  Nothing overboard, yet I don't feel I really had to reign myself in.  I felt like I was indulging myself.

Today: ate 26.5 calories
No Workout
TOTAL:  26.5 pts (5 flex pts)

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