Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 11 and no penne ala vodka

OK, that's a lie.  I had a tiny bit of penne ala vodka.  But I'm damn proud of myself for sitting there at my friends house watching everyone eat that scrumptious homemade creamy pasta dish and to only take a few forks of it myself.  Even though I have plenty of points to spare.  Even though I ate so well all day before dinner.  Even though I was also skipping the wine.  Even though I knew I could work it off with Tae Bo when I got home.  Even though I sat right next to the big serving bowl of it and had to try not to think about it the entire time.

Today: ate 25 pts.
Workout - The Firm: Turbocharge - Cardio (-2 pts)
TOTAL: 23 pts (1 flx pt)

I'm not sure about the point value of these Firm workouts.  They're only 20 min, but they're intense and the weight work leaves me somewhat sore the next day, so I wonder if perhaps it is burning more in less time.  I have longer workouts that - according to the activity point calculator - are worth more points, but which don't elevate the heartrate or tone my muscles the same way.  However, I guess it's better to estimate down and be safe, rather than expect a loss based on point values and then not see it.

I want one of these made to look like my ex husband!!  What an amazing workout that would be!

Gina Kickass Carano.  People probably thought her middle name was odd when she was a little kid, but now they understand.

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