Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 19 - chugging along

My cycle is kinda wacky in a "ewww" kinda way that I'm not about to share here, and my face is suddenly breaking out...which could be hormonal (normal for me) or could be that I forgot to wash my face after a sweaty workout the other night.  I'm very, very hopeful that whatever is up with my cycle could also be what showed up as a gain on the scale yesterday morning.

I'm eating well, eating enough, and exercising with extra gusto now, and I don't care what the scale said yesterday.  It wasn't my official weekly weigh in, so it doesn't count.    There will be NO gain from last Tuesday when I get back on the scale this Tuesday.  NONE.  NONE!  I am in control, dammit!  Weight can't just sneak up on me when I'm counting every calorie consumed and burned.  Excuse me...what I mean is FAT can't sneak up on me... Weight is NOT fat.

Ahh, lunges...the ultimate love/hate relationship.

Today:  ate 23.5 pts
Workout:  The Firm Aerobics & Weight Training w/ 11" step and 5 lb dumbells; Firm 5 Day Abs  (+7 pts)
TOTAL:  16.5 pts

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