Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 29

Wow, did I have a hard time fighting off some strong Dunkin Donut cravings tonight!  If not for the cold outside, and my general laziness after working/making dinner/cleaning the kitchen, I think I'd have given in and driven up to DD for a chocolate cake donut.  My mind kept saying "you're doing great!  You can have a donut now!"  Which is really just brilliant, eh?  Because 4.8 lbs is enough.  Why bother continuing after this unheard of feat of human strength and endurance?  Yeah.  4.8 lbs.  No one's ever lost that amount before.  Ever!  I'm clearly invincible and a donut can't affect that.  (Never mind that 5.2lbs I haven't managed to get to yet.)

This is why my weight creeps up on me.  I start losing a little bit, feel great about it, and then stop trying so hard.

I'll need to take and post a progress photo tomorrow, since it is the end of the month.  I need to keep it real - notice a change if I can, but keep focused on my goal and what I still want to accomplish and improve.  4.8 lbs was a 1st step.  Falling back into bad habits now isn't an option.  I can keep up with what I've been doing, burning fat, toning up, eating more healthfully.  4.8 lbs is NOT good enough!!  It was just a taste of what I can do -a  reminder that it's entirely up to me.

I'm saying all this, but my motivation just feels flat tonight.  Blah.  What the heck....

I need to repost my favorite motivation image:

This is actually my favorite part on my body, so I like that this motivation pic shows me how I want it to look...with no flab bulging above any seams.

Great non-skinny legs.  For those of us who will never have long, thin legs no matter  how fit and lean we are, I  like the reminder that shapely, toned legs look fabulous and are absolutely attainable for me.

Today I ate 32.5 pts
Workout: Advanced Tae Bo (-7pts)
TOTAL: 25.5 pts  (4 flex points)

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