Monday, April 30, 2012

End of Week 13, and RFSC Week 6 Goals/Motivation

I got 2 new workout DVD's.  Jillian Michaels Extreme Shed and Shred, and JM's Killer Buns & Thighs.  I did Shed & Shred tonight and it was great!  Not as intense as Insanity, but more stick-with-it-able.  I had to modify some moves (and, admittedly, sit a couple out after a few seconds) when the push up variation moves became excessive towards the end.  So it's good to have something to work up to in the workout.  I DID manage to complete 4 jumping jack push ups though!  Whoo-hoo!!!

Your Daily Summary

GoalFoodExercise= Net
12101449- 597  852

It seems my TOM may be starting a little early.  I weigh in tomorrow, so it may not be a great indication of anything, really.  I'm ready for that and won't let it effect my emotions too much.  Unless, of course, I'm  back to 145, in which case I'm going to Snoopy dance!

RFSC Goals this past week:

Weight loss: 1.4 lbs on Tues' weigh in, in 2 days.  (146 lbs).  And below 145 by next Tues' weigh in.
SUCCESS!  Last Tuesday I'd lost exactly 1.4 lbs!  I want to be down another lb tomorrow morning, even if it's TOM.

Fitness:  keep the 14 push ups, and bring them lower to the ground.  
?????  Honestly, I can't tell if I'm going any lower, but I've kept the 14.
Add weighted butt crunches and lunges to 2 workouts this week.  
NOPE!  Only added to one workout this week.
Hike/climb and play tennis again this week.  
SUCCESS!  Tennis - yes!  Hike got cancelled, but I did do the stair climb on the mountain trail.
Nutrition:  figure out why I'm bloating and try to improve it.
NOPE!  But I certainly saw what a large tub of popcorn at the movies did to help the matter.  Egads!

NSV:  Try 2 new recipes
SUCCESS!  I tried FOUR!  All were wonderful!  One was a simple homemade pesto, which I'd never made from scratch before.  SOOO easy and so worth it!  The other 3:
Fruit Salsa - strawberries, apples, kiwis, raspberries and blueberries chopped up small, w/ baked cinnamon sugar whole wheat pita bits.
Sugar Snap Pea and Shrimp Curry 
FAB - U- LOUS!!!
My goals for Week 6 - 
Weight Loss:   .8 lbs
NSV:  PRE-PLAN MEALS!  Try a quinoa recipe, cut more bread from diet.  
Fitness:   Keep mixing it up -  strength and cardio, indoors and outdoors, lots of variety.  Play tennis and hike this week.

My favorite motivation pictures:

Hilary Swank looking amazingly fit and toned. 


  1. Great job! Love seeing how hard work steadily pays off :) That's Hillary Swank? Amazing body.

  2. The pre planning will help you so much, it makes things a lot more interesting when you're trying different recipes. The curry looks gorgeous!
    Congrats on the loss as well! You're doing so good for someone at such a small weight.

    I have to comment on the Hilary Swank picture, because it's been one of my favourites for years. I think it was taken round the time she filmed "million dollar baby" and she said in an interview that she was getting up twice a night, just to fit in protein shakes and eating around 8 times a day. Crazy!

  3. Um, that pic of Swank is ridic. Seriously! I see pics like that all over Pinterest and I always wonder, is it real??? Is it even possible?? Your motivation pics always leave me with my mouth agape.

    I'm excited to hear what you do with the quinoa! There's so much to do with it. My favorite thing to do with it is make a faux-fried rice.

    Keep up the awesome work!!

  4. You're doing great :)

    My usual quinoa recipe is to finely dice 1/4 onion and some bell peppers and saute them in 1 tsp of sesame oil; add some ginger, cumin, garlic, and black pepper. Then toss in the cooked quinoa. I vary the vegetables with this dish, but it's my standard side dish in the evenings :)

    Good luck with week 6!

    1. Cool beans! I want to try that very soon. Thanks!

  5. I love your progress pics. You are doing really well with your goals. Continued success as we go through week six. :)

  6. Aren't those blueberry bars awesome?! So I'm guessing you got your hands on some almond flour? How'd you like it?

    1. Nope - I had to settle for quinoa flour. I'm very eager to try it again w/ almond flour though. I'll find it one of these days.

  7. Sounds like a great week well done :)