Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm a loser. And a champ.

2 pieces of pizza for dinner.  (Loser!)

Stared at the blueberry pie on my mom's kitchen table while I drank a coffee before, and didn't have a piece, though it's my favorite dessert.  (Champ!)

But OK - the pizza thing - not totally loserish.  I'm only 250-ish calories over my daily goal, and I'm about to workout now and burn off at least 300 cal's.

But then there's the whole bread thing that I need to start paying attention to.  And the fact I need to re-weigh-in tomorrow, and if I'm bloated from breads/grains already, 2 pics of pizza on white flour crust won't help matters.  (plus 2 pcs whole wheat toast this morning, and a piece of whole grain naan w/ afternoon snack.)  Let's face it - this week's weigh in is just sucky.  No point re-checking.  Today's # should just be it.

My determination to get below 145 has just intensified.  This will be a stellar week and next week's weigh in and update are going to be my best yet.

And now I'm off to do the hardest workout I have - Insanity Max Interval Plyo.  (though the temptation just crossed my mind to skip the workout and go eat some blueberry pie and play tetris online for an hour instead.)

Today's report (with workout that was cut 10m short due to my migraine returning)

Your Daily Summary

GoalFoodExercise= Net
12101462- 391  1071

Motivation for my "stellar week":


  1. I wish I looked like that with my boxing gloves on! ;)

    For the longest time I used to think that the salt content in my food (never high, just normal) didn't affect me, but I realized that it had a HUGE impact. I've pretty much cut salt out completely and it has made a difference. Noting what foods you eat and tracking how you feel afterwards may be a good start to finding out what's behind the bloating. Sometimes it's the smallest thing.

    Here's to an awesome week ahead!

  2. I'm loving your attitude!

    So I tried on of the Insanity videos - unbelievable... could not do. Bouncing body parts everywhere! So reading your workout entries so motivates me to stick with it until I can endure!

    1. Cool! I'm happy to know someone else who's doing Insanity, so that when I bitch and moan about it, you can sympathize! Yet - despite how hard it is - nothing beats that feeling at the end - total exhaustion but stronger than you thought you were before you started. That feeling is my motivation to put the DVD on in the 1st place...NOT how I want to look by summer. That's too far off to get me through that hellish workout.

      Keep with it, Raeesa! The key, I believe, is to go at your own pace and not get discouraged by those freaks in the DVD. Stop or slow down to catch your breath, modify strength moves to something you CAN do, or take the repetition pace way down... For me, I feel MUCH more enthused about the whole thing to just keep at it at my own pace. Last night it had me doing power push ups: regular push up, then quickly bounce up into a sorta downward dog pose, then jump back out into plank and push up again, repeat - quickly... KILLER!! 45 second sets, three times (in a circuit w/ 4 other moves). I managed TWO power push ups. 2!!!! Not 2 sets. Just 2 power push ups, totaling maybe 5 seconds of ONE of the 45 sec sets. Then I did regular push ups as long as I could after that. Then to my knees. By the middle of that 2nd rep, I was just trying desperately to hold a plank position for the remainder of the set. So I'm not doing the same workout those mutant freaks are in the DVD. But I'm working myself just as hard as they're working themselves - pushing myself as far as I can go, like they are. THAT'S what counts.

      Last night was the 1st night I got through the Insanity warm ups without having to stop to catch my breath. THAT psychs me up!! Progress comes in little ways. The "Dig Deeper" line sorta helps too. I like that.

      Yay for us!!! :)

  3. It's amazing how a slice of pizza/carbs can stick with you for days and days and days.......ugh! I know they really cause bloating for me in the belly area. But if it helped you get more focused on hitting your goal, then maybe it was worth it!

    The fact that you are picking working out over blueberry pie and tetris shows a lot of strength!!

  4. Pizza happens! Sigh! Good job on the exercise though. Personally, right now I don't even want to know what an Insanity workout is. Sounds scarey!

  5. Ah, that pizza. It blows me up like a balloon, I swear!