Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 74 - and my plan to keep day 75 successful

Your Daily Summary

- 798
GoalFoodExercise= Net
121020080  2008

Bruschetta Pizza.  Leftover gnocchi w/ goat cheese.  Date night w/ Mr. Wonderful, so workout was snuggling on love seat in front of TV.  (which doesn't burn many calories.)    So it wasn't a great day, stat-wise.  However, tennis the next morning (shortly before posting this) 
burned that all off, plus some (998 calories in 2 hrs)!  Tennis is the WAY to GO!!!  Wow - that was so much more fun than any workout DVD or exercise equipment!  YAY for winter being over!

Now tonight's the cocktail party I've been prepping myself to exert self control during.  I was just about to post "we shall see how that goes", but then I realized how lame that if there's any need for me to wait and see how I behave/eat there.  What the heck is this whole process for if I'm still feeling like I'm at the mercy of my urges?  I AM IN CONTROL.  I'm going to write that on my hand and look at it throughout the silly ol' party.  I can say with certainty right now, if I decide to, that I will adhere to my calorie goal this evening and not eat or drink anything I'll regret afterwards.  All I need is to make that decision and mean it.

I have a few hours to make that the case.  I'm still working on the "but what if there are brownies?!" and "what if there are phyllo, brie and fruit hors d'oeuvres"?  

And what if I weigh 146 at weigh in on Tues morning?

And what if I weight UNDER 145 on Tuesday?? plan then is - what if there are brownies?  I will have one.  What if there are brie and fruit phyllo hors doeuvres?  I will have two.  I will have 1 glass of champagne.  The rest -no idea what to expect - I'll have bites and pieces without going nuts.  I'll pour water right away and carry it with me the whole time.  I'll avoid the crackers and cheese since I don't love them anyway, and they really add up quickly.  That's my plan.  And my plan for Tues morning is to see that scale BELOW 145 for the 1st time in 3 or 4 years.  THAT will feel amazing!!!  (Far more amazing than a 2nd brownie or glass of champagne would taste!)


  1. Here's wishing that you'll see 145 on Tuesday morning! Great work and have fun at the party. You can be in control, just remind yourself how hard you've worked :)

  2. You ARE in control.
    It's never the one glass of champagne or one brownie that makes a difference. It's the bigger picture; your overall eating habits and tendencies. You have a strategy, stick to it. Keep yourself occupied with talking to others, sip your water, munch on something lower calorie before you are tempted to indulge.
    Have fun & fingers crossed for a low number on the scale :)