Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 84 - Stumble.

I made bad food choices today.  And weigh in is tomorrow.  Blah.  It's a shame to end the week in this mood.  It was otherwise a good week.  Today's report -

- 480
GoalFoodExercise= Net
15302010- 3201690

This week's stats:
cal's consumed: 12,035
cal's burned: 3949
Total cal's: 8086  
(weekly goal is 8470, or 1200 cal. daily to lose .8 lb per week.)
hours of exercise: 7h 38m

I went out for hibachi tonight to celebrate my daughter's best friend's b'day.  I had saki.  I had noodles.  I had fried rice.  I had scallops, shrimp and veggies fried up in whatever type of oil they squirt all over them to make them so scrumptious.  I also had a little bit of cake.  All this the night before my weigh in, after last week's "I think starches make me bloated" saga and 2.4 lb weight gain.

I have no idea what to expect from the scale.  I'm a little bummed I didn't control myself more at hibachi, but I'm overall happy with my progress this week.  I really could see a loss tomorrow.  The stats indicate I will, right??  But I look puffy in the mirror.  I didn't see this puffiness 2 weeks ago when I was 145.  So....

I can't wait for the morning.  I'm very eager to see.  Silly, isn't it?


  1. No, it's not so silly. However, don't forget that the scale tends to play mind games with us from time to time. I would be surprised if you don't see a loss because of one meal.

  2. No, it's not silly. I feel that way too. Often the day before a weigh in I'm extra paranoid about what I eat ... but I shouldn't be. I should just be 'normal', but it's tough not to center my thoughts around the number.

  3. Don't feel bad. It was an oh sho speshal event, after all ;)