Thursday, April 19, 2012

11 Week Progress Pic

It's weird timing for a progress pic (11 weeks?  Huh?)  But I'm a little bit bummed to see my MFP progress ticker back down to 7 lbs lost (when it was up at 9 a few days ago), so I figured I'd snap a shot and get a visual on my progress.
Jan 31, 2012    and    Apr 18, 2012
154.4 lbs      and     147.4

I see enough of a difference (in the front facing photo, at least) to make me not care about the 7 vs.9 right now.  I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing.  Still don't see a reduction in the amount of ugly dimply cellulite on the back of my thighs and under my butt.  That's just blech.  I want it gone.  Can't see that in the photo, so consider yourselves lucky.  (trust me - it's blech.)  But I feel better about my stubborn mid section after comparing the pics.  It felt like I was working my ass off to no avail - like my waist was just never gonna budge.  Truth is, it's budged, but it's just taking a lot more effort to get it back to the way it looked in my 20's and early 30's.  Man, it used to be a cinch back then.  I always took it for granted.

So I'm content with my progress!  Psyched to keep going and post a pic right before bikini season!

Now today:  I have all these excess calories in my budget from my hike/climb.  I can't possibly eat an extra 1100 calories today.  I have to end the day wayyyy under my daily recommended calories, though I *did* eat them.  I just burned too much off.  Is that considered bad?  It can't possibly be good for me to eat more when I'm not hungry, just to keep the numbers where they should be, can it??

Your Daily Summary

GoalFoodExercise= Net
12101408- 1100  308


  1. You look amazing! Such a difference! Everything is slimmer: midsection, legs, arms. Congratulations! I'm so jealous, but so happy to see such progress, you work really hard.
    I struggle with back thigh/under butt cellulite too, it's not firming up :( So hopefully, just like my stubborn midsection, it will be one of the last places to go.

    And I know what you mean about eating but then burning it all off - I don't do it on purpose, but after a long run or long hike, I just don't feel hungry.

    That's okay, the next day, if you didn't get enough, you'll feel hungry and adjust. I don't think it's bad. It's not like you exercised on an empty stomach and then decided to just eat 200 calories and call it a day.

    1. Thanks, Raeesa! I don't know if you're also following Shannon's blog ( ), but she says something similar, about daily vs/ weekly calorie budgeting. It makes such good sense, but my stubborn mind still has a hard time thinking I'm ending the day with bad stats.

      Gotta get over that.

    2. (how lame is it that I don't know how to link to another blog in my posts?)

  2. Sista your abs look amazing! Also your legs are teeny now!!

  3. Ok, you BEFORE picture is my inspiration picture, let alone your after one! You can definitely see a difference, and you look great :)

    I don't look at my calories on a daily basis, but more of a weekly one because some days I workout more than others, and sometimes I'm just hungrier!

  4. You look great and I can certainly tell a difference in the photos. Keep up the good work.

  5. Thank you for the encouragement, RFSC peeps!

  6. Loving the progress picts, girl!! I see a big difference too, so I'm glad you're not paying attention to the scale too much. The scale shouldn't matter since it's obvious your body is changing and you're moving in the right direction!

    My inspiration!

  7. Holy cow you look so FIT! You look really strong!!